• How to Reduce the Damage Rate of Ball Screw Lift
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Ball screw elevator is one kind of screw elevator, the other is called trapezoidal screw elevator. Their classification is based on the type of screw. Compared with trapezoidal screw elevator, ball screw elevator has higher efficiency, faster and higher precision, but the load of trapezoidal screw is larger and can be self-locked, so on. Two kinds of elevators have their own characteristics. Qianqiu.

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However, for all machinery and equipment, it is unavoidable in equipment, whether it will be used improperly or not, or whether it will operate improperly, or not. Today, we will list some situations which are easy to cause damage to ball screw elevator, so that we can pay more attention to the use.

1. The maximum input speed allowed by the general ball screw elevator drive is 1500 rpm, so the worm input speed should not exceed this speed when using the ball. Screw elevator, that is to say, the maximum can be equipped with ordinary four-pole motor. This must be noted.

2. When choosing ball screw elevator, we must consider the static load or dynamic load and impact can not exceed the maximum load-bearing capacity of the elevator, otherwise, it may cause serious damage to the parts of the ba. When using ball screw elevator, the body surface temperature is allowed to be controlled at - 15 & deg; to 80 & deg; when exceeding or below this temperature range, temperature control measures should be taken for the elevator.




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