• Why does the worm gear and screw jam up and down?
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As we all know, screw elevator is developing fast and fast, and its application scope is becoming wider and wider, because it is not only small in size, light in weight, but also easy to use and install. It is often used in lifting links of mechanical equipment. It can be used in driving or multiple links, and its source is very many. Can be manual, can be directly connected to the motor, can also be directly connected to the motor, can also be connected to the reducer, planetary reducer and so on.

worm wheel screw elevator screw elevator manufacturer to tell you why there is stuck.

< p > General speaking, the jam of the elevator occurs because of the high input speed, the tight insertion of the end cover and the lack of grease.

< p > The surface temperature of screw elevator (screw elevator) should be controlled in the range of - 15 & deg; C - - 60 & D Eg; C, and the temperature should not exceed 45 & deg; C under normal working condition. In case of high temperature, the machine should be stopped immediately and checked. Generally, the reason for this problem is that the screw elevator with this tonnage is too small to operate under overload, or the worm and gear end cover is pressed too much. The screw elevator is lubricated with butter. The maximum speed of worm shaft of screw elevator should not exceed 1500 min/s. If the input speed is too high, high position and stuck will occur.




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