• Common Failure Causes of Worm Gear and Worm Reducer Heating
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How should we solve the problem when the worm gear reducer is heating?The worm gear reducer manufacturer will explain the common causes of the worm gear reducer’s heating for you in detail.

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p> 1. It may be that the conveyor belt is not fixed properly, which leads to the increase of worm friction, serious wear of the inner axle and severe heat. If the above reasons are not fixed properly, the friction lubricating oil and serious replacement parts.

2. Check whether the oil pipeline is damaged, the seals are defective or the seals are defective. Oil is on the low side, and the oil mark is damaged. If this is the reason, the oil plug should be replaced, the oil should be injected into the specified parameters, and the seals should be glued to repair the leakage.

3. Check whether there is foreign body intrusion leading to deformation and damage of worm wheel and worm, then open the leakage. Chassis and suck up the debris with a strong vacuum cleaner. When the object is large, it can also be removed directly with tools. Oil lubrication is applied to the damaged area.

4. It is also possible that worm gears and worm gears do not match each other, the clearance between the axles is too large and the lubricant is too small. Utilization is to grind the gear surface to make it fit, add appropriate amount of lubricating oil according to the instructions, and check whether the engine is normal or not.

5. The running time is too long, which leads to the aging of the circuit components, replacing the circuit with problems, properly controlling the use time, and After a period of continuous work, the machine should stop running.




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