• Worm Wheel Wear Fault of Worm Wheel and Worm Reducer and Its
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Worm wheel wear is generally made of tin bronze.Matched worm materials are usually hardened by 45 steel to HRC 45-55, and 40C: hardened HRC 50-55.After grinding by worm grinder to roughness RaO.8fcm, the worm is like a hardened & ldquo; file & rdquo; continuing the worm to wheel to wear and tear.Generally speaking, this is of weathering. R and tear are very slow, like some reducers in a factory can be used for more than 10 years.

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< p> is comparable if it is necessary to reduce the correspond speed of selection Ect, whether there is overload operation, worm gear material, assembly quality or use environment.

Worm wheel and worm reducer wear solution: selection of lubricants and additives. The worm gear reducer general chooses 220# gear oil. For some heavy loads, frequent start-up and worse environment reducers, the factory also chooses some lubr r solutions When the reducer stops running, the gear oil is still attached to the gear surface, forming a protective film to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and start-up metal and metal contact. Additives also seal ring regulators and leak-proof agents to keep the seal ring soft and elastic, effectively reducing the phenome Non of lubricant leakage.




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