• Talking about the Notice of Increasing Oil Volume of Worm Ge
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Increase the smooth oil of worm gear and worm reducer, some users are not even clear about the measurement of oil quantity under the condition of suspension or operation. The worm gear reducer is running, the distance between the oil quantity and the actual oil quantity is relatively large. It is advocated that the oil quantity should be measured and the smooth oil of the worm gear reducer should be increased when the reducer stops running. Ize the oil quantity of worm gear reducer. The oil quantity increases to 2/3 of the direction of oil window. And this data is in the downtime situation, pay attention to: do not increase the smooth oil in the worm gear reducer operating conditions. Because in the process of worm gear reducer operation, its internal components or worm wheel ro Lling to drive the smooth oil in the same operation, if in this case to determine the amount of worm gear reducer oil, it may be full, or it may be less than 2/3 of the oil window, or even there may be no smooth oil.

As for the selection of worm gear reducer, the effect of the reducer itself should be considered first, and three key FACS should be considered first. They should be paid attention to, namely, the selected model, speed ratio and the matching motor power. Secondly, the scale of the corresponding equipment is used, and then the speed ratio, installation mode and installation form of worm gear reducer. Finally, we should pay attention to the corresponding motor power, as well as the operation enviro. A brief introduction of worm gear and worm reducer: worm gear and worm reducer is a term which includes a wide range of terms in the reducer profession; in the development of the reducer profession, it can be said that the development process of worm gear and worm reducer series is the primary driving force. Worm reducer is a kind of transmission equipment for stabilizing and changing transmission speed. It uses different speed ratios of gears, then realizes stable transmission and changing speed, and adjusts the speed of motor and machine tools. Ducer, but the reducer has already been used in all aspects of people’s daily life, car, ferry, aircraft on the means of transportation; transmission equipment in mechanical production can not be less than the figure of the reducer, people’s daily household appliances, wall clocks, washing machines and so on, the use of these mechanical equipment s Ent are indispensable to the assistance of the reducer.




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