• Solutions to Common Problems of Worm Gear and Worm Reducer
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In the last article, we introduce the common problems of worm gear and worm reducer. Today, we introduce the solutions to the common problems of worm gear and worm reducer.

Secondly, the selection of lubricants and additives

The worm reducer general chooses 220 gear for some of them. Avy loads, frequent start-up and worse environment reducers, the factory also chooses some lubricating oil additives (such as those of Public Security Chemical Company). When the reducer stops running, the gear oil still attaches to the gear surface, forming a protective film to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and start-up metal and met-up metal Contact. Additives also contain seal ring regulators and leak-proof agents to keep the seal ring soft and elastic, effectively reducing the phenomenon of lubricant leakage.

Thirdly, the selection of installation position of reducer

Vertical installation should be avoided as far as possible when permits are installed. Rtically, the amount of lubricant added is much more than that installed horizontally, which can easily cause heat and oil leakage of the reducer. The 40,000 bottles of /&rsquo imported by the factory, some of the pure draft beer production lines are installed vertically. After a period of operation, the transmission pinion has been worn and even worn. After adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved.

Finally, the corresponding lubrication maintenance system

According to the principle of lubrication work-ldquo; Wuding-rdquo; the factory maintains the reducer, so that every reducer has regular inspection by your responsible person. E increase significantly, the temperature rises are more than 40 degrees C or the oil temperature exceeds 80 degrees C, the quality of oil decreases or more copper powder and abnormal noise are found in the oil, the factory should stop using and timely maintenance. Troubleshooting, replacing the lubricant before use. When refueling, attention should be paid to Be paid to the consistency of oil quantity and installation position to ensure the correct lubrication of the reducer.

In short, the hollow shaft worm reducer is easy to install, rational in structure and reliable and durable. Of course, attention should also be paid to the selection of the brand of the reducer. Powerful companies will pr. Oduce high-quality, reliable and durable reducer s according to the design points of the reducer’s shape, layout of radiating ribs, calculation of heat balance and design of oil circuit, combined with the actual use and operation conditions of the reducer. Users can get satisfactory results as long as use and maintenance correctly.




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