• Working Principle of Screw Lift in High Speed Operation
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1. Compared with other products, the ball screw elevator is designed at the side, because there are many balls rolling between the screw shaft and the screw mother with a driving moment of 1/3, so it can get higher motion power. Compared with the sliding screw in the past, the driving moment is less than 1/3, that is to say, the driving fo Rce needed to achieve the same results is 1/3 of the rolling screw pair. It is very helpful in saving electricity.

2. High rigid ball screw without backlash can be pressurized, because the pressure can make the axial clearance reach negative value, and then get higher rigidity. Ball screw is applied to mechanical equipment and so on by addi. Ng pressure to the ball, because the repulsion force of the ball can enhance the rigidity of the mother silk.

3. High-speed feeding may complete high-speed feeding (movement) of the ball screw because of its high power and low heat.




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